I love it when a new year comes around as it gives us all a fantastic opportunity to start afresh. Whether it is your eating habits, exercising habits, a job or friends and family; it’s a chance to start afresh on aspects of our lives and begin anew. One area that many aim to change when a new year comes around is the car they drive.

Whether you’ve had it for years, only purchased it last year or look at it every day wondering why you purchased it in the first place; a new year always leaves us questioning whether or not now is the time to make a change and invest in something new. Buying a new car however is never as easy as buying a loaf of bread; naturally the cost is phenomenally higher but with so much on offer knowing what to go for can be an overwhelming decision.

I’ve been working with cars for as long as I can remember and in my years of servicing expertise I’ve learned a few vital points that I want to share in hope they’ll help you make the right decision…

  • Why – First things first, you need to be able to determine why you want to buy a new car? Is it because someone you know just brought a new car and you suddenly feel inspired or is it because your current vehicle breaks down weekly and is a danger on downhill travels? This is no easy purchase so be sure you have the right reasons for buying a new car.
  • Condition – What is the actual condition of your current vehicle? Is it really a problematic vehicle that almost feels as though it is causing you danger? Did you take it in for repairs and maintenance only to find out the cost of getting everything fixed was worth more than the actual car itself? Or is your car actually in good working nick and can easily be improved by a visit to your local garage? A poor quality vehicle that is getting worse by the day is motivation enough as your safety should always come first but if your car is in great condition and you’re still determined on something new then you can at least sell it on and make some money back!
  • Type – When it comes to buying a new car the options you have are varied so determine the route you are going to take. Are you after a brand new, off the lot car or a second-hand vehicle? There are good enough reasons for both, although I’d sway more to a good second-hand car as a brand new car looses far too much value far too quickly but either way do you know what you are after? Knowing the budget you have to work with is a great way to decide but also consider your needs; is it just something to get you to work and back or will it be the family car? Knowing why you need the new car is a great place to start on the decision-making process.

Buying something new is always exciting but when it is an investment as large as a vehicle, it is definitely something that cannot be rushed. A new year is always a great chance to start afresh and do something different but if it’s a new car you’re after then be careful and consider your choice wisely in order to ensure you make the right decision for you.

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