If you want to try out some classic car racing for yourself, events across the country allow you to do so, providing you have a full driving license. You will also, of course, need your own classic car. These can be found online, in both new and pre-owned conditions. An incredible wide range of classic cars are available from locations across the UK and abroad. You will easily be able to find what you are looking for on the Internet. Prices range from very little to hundreds of thousands of pounds. For the majority of us looking for a bargain, car auction websites are a good place to look. In addition, those with mechanical skills could consider buying a car that is not fully functioning, but can be repaired later. Broken down cars are, as could be expected, much cheaper than those in full working condition. Classic cars are also sometimes available for rent.

Classic car racing began officially in the early 20th century, before which car races took place on the dangerous back streets. The demand for car racing events was high as people became intrigued with vehicles. Throughout the 20th century, professional car racing began to emerge as a popular sport. Nowadays, it takes place on a national and international level, and is often aired on the television and radio. A minority of young people attempt to make it professionally as a racing driver, although this can be very difficult and costly. Thousands of people across the UK watch and follow motor sports, and tickets to watch classic car racing are high in demand. Nothing beats the excitement of watching a classic car race live in action.

Usually, classic car racing consists of the following format. A number of cars, typically between ten and twenty, will take their places one behind the other at the starting line (positioning here is decided through pre-race laps in professional races). At the wave of a flag, the cars are set off, sporting their vintage number plates. They then race around the track in the shortest time possible, sometimes stopping for maintenance and tire changes. The cars must complete a set number of laps, with races lasting around one to two hours. The winning car is the one that completes the race first. In the majority of races, first, second and third place car drivers are given the honor of appearing on the podium and may receive a prize along with wide recognition.

Classic car racing has also inspired a large number of video games, which are played by both younger and older generations. Players can choose their own drivers and customize their cars before taking to the racetrack. Games for beginners will be simple and fun, whilst experts will be interested in considering weather conditions and track shapes, just like in the real experience of classic car racing.

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