Driving on sand, gravel, snow, rocks, and roads that haven’t paved over with tar is called off-roading. Certain vehicles that are designed to handle rugged natural terrains are used in this form of recreation. Also, off-roading is a sport that people compete in for fun and money.

The key to off-roading is having a wide vehicle, a pair of exceptional tires, money for fuel usage, and most important of all a good driver behind the wheel. Driving across regular paved city streets is one thing but trying to move a vehicle across a harsh, uneven, rugged environment is something else all together. A driver must have great reflexes, eyesight, and the ability to maneuver over the roads. Whether they’re driving a SUV or a specially modified vehicle; they must have the ability to know how to turn, when to break, and how to use the pedal when navigating over certain kinds of terrains.

A driver must also be able to cope with stress and the strange feeling of driving across unfamiliar territory. Off road tires that are best for muddy, rocky, and rugged terrain are tires that have been designed with depth and reinforcement. Tire tread is important for off-roading because these tires will give you the ability to grip the environment and push through it with greater efficiency. Also, many natural rocks and other elements are sharp or ragged and they can tear through tires with relative ease. Having a good set of tires will reduce the amount of damage the environment can do to a vehicle.

Large amounts of fuel will be used up during the off road process. When a vehicle is traveling across uneven ground, this causes the engine to work harder than it normally does. This of course puts a greater strain on fuel. Off-roading for recreational purposes should only be done if the individual has the extra funds to spend on gas, especially with today’s gas prices. Many off road sports involve vehicles that have been adapted for different terrains. These vehicles show off their abilities through a driver’s navigation skill and by the machines durability. Off road organizations allows competitors to compete in these types of arenas. Trialing is about skill over speed and many off- roading courses have been designed around this concept. Some of these courses include Road Tax vehicle trialing and Cross Country vehicle trialing. Off-roading is a unique recreational and motorsport activity and it doesn’t have a huge commercial following, but this form of driving is something that many people enjoy and they’ll probably enjoy it for many years to come.

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