The great American road trip is something that might be somewhere on your bucket list or somewhere in the back of your adventurous mind. But where does one go to take a road trip? Essentially, the answer is anywhere; one can simply get in a car and go. But there are a few routes that one can take to make the best of the experience, from scenic routes to challenging ones. Just remember one important thing; the distance you travel in your car is the distance you’ll have to travel back.

Driving coast to coast is the longest and possibly most arduous road-trip one can take. However, for those bold enough to embark on it, it is a rewarding experience. One has to prepare extensively for this trip because it’s obviously going to take more than a full tank of gas to get from sea to shining sea. There are a number of different routes one can take as there are seemingly infinite starting and stopping destinations. The next time you have an extended vacation and a streak of inspiration, this trip is surely something to consider.

Driving up the California coast is a fantastically scenic road-trip. It is a long journey, much like travelling across the country, so it is best to prepare well for it. The landscapes and terrain of California are breath-taking sights coupled with an almost continuous view of the Pacific Ocean. Driving along steep cliffs and on roads that curve through mountains is really quite exhilarating.

Driving up and down the East Coast is arguably just as worthy as diving up the California coast. The terrain and landscapes are different, but they are arguably just as beautiful in their own right. One can even take the historic Route 1 to add to the excitement of the drive. Because the East Coast is so diverse, one can be driving through rolling farmlands one hour and the next be driving through a great city.

There are so many cities in the U.S, it would be tedious to list every one of them as separate destinations that one can drive to. But generally, a road trip to a big city is a fun, manageable trip that one can take without sequestering too much time and effort dedicated to it. If you don’t mind the traffic and oftentimes heedless pedestrians, driving through a city can be a fun and memorable experience.

As with cities, there are so many natural attractions in the U.S, it would be very impractical to list them here. A road trip to a national park or a road-trip alongside a geographic landmark (like the Great Lakes) can be just as rewarding as going to a city. The scenery and the glorious natural aesthetics of these places are what have distinguished them from all other places. Driving to them, through them (if one is able), and alongside them is often described as something one will never forget.

All one needs is a car, a road to travel on, and a destination to have an enjoyable and a memorable road trip experience. This country offers so much in the way of road-trip possibilities, not just because of our motorist inclined society, but because of our natural landscapes, man-made attractions, and unique geography. No road-trip is the same, the people one ends up meeting and the sights one sees is different for everybody. It’s in our nature as Americans to explore our surroundings and to discover our country, so the next time you decide to take a road-trip, consider these suggestions.

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