When traveling by car, there is many considerations you want to look over and plan to implement before you start driving. Today, we want to talk about just 3 of what I consider to be the important tips for comfort, safety, and ease of mind:

1) Always Take Major Highways or Interstates When Possible
There’s 2 reasons I say this. One, if you have a blowout or some sort of accident you can get help faster and you are more accessible for emergency vehicles. Two, there’s no wildlife. I say this because I once made the mistake of taking a back road route home and I almost hit 15 deer. Actually, I stopped counting at 15.

2) Always Make Sure Your Fuel Tank Is Above A Quarter Tank
Sometime when traveling by car, especially if it’s a regular route you take, you tend to daydream so it’s good to make sure your gas tank has sufficient fuel. If you’re in area where it’s isolated I would stay above a half of a tank. One time, I was driving across the Mohave Desert and there was only one gas station in the halfway through the desert route. Let’s just say I made it there on fumes and I would have been walking in the desert…with no water. Not a good thing at all.

3) Packing An Emergency Kit
You never know when the weather can go south or when an accident may occur. Also, don’t forget to prepare items that prevent things. For example, you need water for the road to ensure you don’t get dehydrated while traveling by car.

In conclusion, these are my top 3 favorite strategies to consider when traveling by car. They are by no means an end all answer to everything. Please remember to consider other strategies when they fit your needs better because not everyone is the same.

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