A long, scenic road trip is a great way to spend some quality family time, or just to get away and experience some new things. If you didn’t know it, some of the most gorgeous scenery can be found while driving in certain parts of North America. With many favorites, and many road trips travelled, the test drivers from American Suzuki came up of a list of the top ten scenic drives to take in North America. (Be sure to read The Best Scenic Drives in North America Part One as well).

1. Historic National Road along US-40 in Illinois- This is definitely the best Midwest route. The road itself is known as “The Main Street of America” because of its miles of historical buildings and old time towns.

2. Bear-Lake-Caribou Scenic Byway- This route stretches all the way from the borders of Utah to those of Idaho. This is a great location for visitors to enjoy heavy camping. There is amazing scenery as well as several places to set up and partake in boating, fishing, or hunting.

3. Highway 101- The west coast in general has several very, very beautiful landscapes. A traveler can begin in Northern California and go north up the coast of Oregon and all the way up to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. The scenery here is to die for, ocean, mountains, countryside, it hardly gets better than that.

4. Highway 1- San Diego to San Francisco- This route will appeal to anyone who enjoys hot sunny beaches. To starts in the beautiful city of San Diego and head up the coast all the way to San Francisco, all travelers will be able to experience the true taste of what the state of California has to offer.

5. Historic Columbia River Highway- Oregon- This route is referred to by many as the “King of the Roads.” It provides beautiful nature sanctuaries where travelers can stop and take a hike or a bike ride along remarkably pretty trails. This highway is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts.

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